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Re: Balancing T-square energy through synastry contacts.

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
These days wide age differences one way or the other seem to be the norm, no problem.
However, in his chart specifically there is a leaning towards older partners.
Notice in the composite first off, moon (emotions) square Uranus and Neptune. Infatuation, confusion, (deception ?), freedom loving, and probably will end as quickly as it began.
Psyche on saturn... cold ice on passion! Passion wants to be unbridled, not restrained.
Venus off by itself with only a weak trine to pluto, physical attraction, but where is love?.
What is nice, however, is the mercury/sun conjunction, between stabilising Saturn and benevolent generous Jupiter. Moon trines these planets, which is excellent.
Eros of desire is in aspect, exact degree, with the moon's nodes explaining the physical temptation.
The synastry is really difficult, although binding, this composite shows the way to work it out in a relationship, with communication and lots of space. Lots.
PS. it is generous of you to think about the effect it would have on him, but think primarily about what you would get from it, especially if you invest emotions in a romantic relationship and it ends abruptly, maybe in a bad way.
I really appreciate all the time you put in to helping me figure some of this out. Thank you so much! The attraction for me is mostly spurred on by the fact that he has intensity and Plutonic energy. Pluto is the heaviest in my chart by aspect. I think Uranus is second if I remember correctly. It rules my chart and Uranian and 11th house/Aquarius energy holds most of my personal planets. I've struggled for a very long time trying to balance out those conflicting approaches to relationships. The wanting to feel as though someone belongs to me and vice versa (deep and intense relating) from Pluto/Scorpio and the need for space to collect my thoughts and that overwhelming fear of losing my freedom of expression to a romantic partner. I'm slowly coming to the realization that a traditional relationship might not be what's best for me from an emotional standpoint. It is too stressful and often suffocating. Aside from his intensity though, there is so much about his energy that feels familiar to me. His Mars being right on that 12th house cusp and opposite Saturn I think makes the way we express anger and strong feelings very similar since my Mars is also 12th house and squaring Pluto. It's a desperate attempt to control your emotions/anger and an overwhelming feeling of fear when you can't. I think what I'm describing is just a very strong feeling of being able to relate to him and the way he deals with his planetary energy.
It's a platonic energy in that I don't want him to miss out on all those opportunities to be with other people his age, but I can't say I'm not physically attracted to him. I'd definitely enjoy hanging out with him on occasion and getting closer to him as a friend... I guess with benefits. lol I think there is a lot we could learn from one another with that generation gap too.
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