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Re: Balancing T-square energy through synastry contacts.

Presumably this is a romantic relationship? You didn't really identify it.
So we have a T-square composed of Neptune squaring the opposition of mars to sun/saturn.
And it sits on your (presumably yours, blue) Ascendent which also happens to conjunct a mars that is square pluto/moon.
This is quite brutal.
She (?) has a Venus/pluto opposition that touches on your mercury /uranus/sun.
Her mercury/jupiter trines her pluto and your mercury/uranus/sun, which is very positive.
In fact, the two mercuries being in trine are a big help towards communication.
Venus rules her descendent, and trines her Uranus/north node. She needs a partner with strong Uranian qualities, and you have Uranus conjunct sun. Also, Venus opposing pluto looks for a plutonian quality in the partner, and you are a scorpio. These are binding aspects.
Her sun is conjunct Saturn, so the male figure in her life could be older, or saturnian. Your ascendent is ruled by Saturn.
You on the other hand have a sun-ruled descendent, and this connection alludes me.
Her moon has a wide out of sign trine with Neptune, which sits exactly on your mars, which is a sexual attraction, as well as a trigger for fantasy and delusion.
This synastry is very complex, and really depends on the spiritual maturity of the two to make it work.
And we can see from this that just taking an aspect on its own doesn't give a proper picture.
It also shows how easy aspects can help lighten up difficult ones.
It would be interesting to see the composite of the two charts. Can you manage that?
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