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Re: Balancing T-square energy through synastry contacts.

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
My understanding is that only bodies/planets have energy to affect the energy of other bodies/planets. Points like Asc, Dsc, MC, IC, NN-SN etc have no mass, so cannot influence as you suggest.
Your having an actual planet make another's t-square into a grand square would help, but it would still be very charged; highly energetic. The ideal balancing of a t-square through synastry would be your having planets that trine or sextile points in the t-square, helping to provide an easier outflow of energy from the t-square.
Actually, what I have read online is that if you have a planet that's opposite the focal point of a person's T-square (in other words, you complete their T-square and turn it into a grand cross), you provide energy that they "crave". You stabilize their T-square. You have what they are missing.

I agree with the points thing though. I think it needs to be an actual body in order to count for the purpose of T-squares.

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