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Well i did tačked to my boss i said i dont think thia job suits me and asked jer what she thinks of me and my work she says i work fine but i am cant work alone thsy want someone who is more indepandant bit i cant be indepndant if i dont know enough..
New girl camd beacuse she is more artistic and i am not and they knew that before..

She says i am really trying and that thwy really need someone in office bit i think during year there is no need for me to be on office so i think i Will stay here tilm the, have work to do..
She said something dont think that u Will i didng understand bit i thinn she ment thaf i Will lose job i dont know and that she is Happ we talked thaf she likes that.
Lol its funny i found People who like me and i like them but i guess i am not right for job xd.

Haha and i have Jupiter conjunct MC and Jupiter conjunct north node right now Jupiter gave me luck but wrong luck haha
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