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Re: Which is the sign of faith

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post

So you think that each zodiac sign

doesnt have certain weaknesses and strengths?
SIGNS are neither Strong Nor Weak

PLANETS may have Weak or Strong PLACEMENTS
Originally Posted by waybread View Post

No sign is intrinsically strong or weak.
It is made so by the planets in it (or the lack thereof,)
and by its position amidst the house cusps.

Just for example, as the mutable water sign, we might see Pisces as "weak"
but if someone has Pisces in the 10th house with the MC, sun and Jupiter (domiciled) there
with Jupiter trining the (domiciled) moon in Cancer,
Mr. Pisces has a lot of strength in this situation.
Much more so than the sun intercepted in Scorpio (fixed water) in the 12th house.

You get the picture.

Originally Posted by tsmall View Post

There is no such thing as a weak sign.

There are weak placements, but no weak signs.

Signs are neutral.
They have descriptions, sure, like human, mute, violent, bestial, fertile, barren, crooked, long ascending, and on and on,
but at the end of the day, the signs are neutral.

It's the planets both in and that rule them that bring them to life.

Originally Posted by luckyoctober View Post


There are No weak sun signs.

To say there is, it is belittling astrology.

There are natal charts that indicate a weak personality.
Charts lack of hard aspects,
(especially from saturn to personal planets)
with full of trines and sextiles may point to a weak person.
when there are tough transits, they easily feel depressed and they become paralyzed and Can't cope with problems.
Because,they are not familiar to that kind of stressful energy.
Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post

"there is no such thing as a weak sign"

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