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Re: Mars in hard aspect to Venus in synastry/composite

Originally Posted by Claire19 View Post
I dont really use inconjuncts, they may be a source of irritation but the orb with synastry and composites have to be tight, around 0-4 degrees at most and only with the Sun and Moon would I go to four degress. I imagine not all the aspects you cite would be valid. Pluto brings in hate combined with passion and/or Scorpio and Aries involved. Saturn is the heavy one and deals with karmic debit and credit to be addressed.
I disagree with you on inconjuncts (quincunx). They can and do cause a lot of damage, not just a minor irritation. I frequently see them contributing to significant problems in synastry/composite between people. In predictive work they show up all the time in disturbing incidents such as major vehicle/plane crashes, criminal acts, public disgraces, large scale fights, skeletons out of the closet etc.
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