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Re: Mars in hard aspect to Venus in synastry/composite

I have my Venus in square with a fella's Mars. He has natal Venus square Mars in his chart, so his Venus is also opposite my Venus. In the composite they don't contact. I also don't have Venus in contact with Mars in my natal chart. But when we were together, we had a very passionate time, not necessarily caring but lots of love and fun. I had an ex also with his Mars and Venus square my Venus, it was the same thing, we had a passionate time, but not necessarily caring. I didn't feel I was tenderly loved. Though, my Venus is inconjunct Saturn in natal anyways. Both these guys had their Mars in Scorpio, and I did find them quite pushy, in that sense. They certainly pursued me. Though the Mars' were in my 11th house, so I also felt an affinity with them! Paradox!

"Sexual disharmonies or conflicting needs and desires regarding how love is expressed will have to be worked out." from Pisceanpallas' post, I can relate to that.

With another ex, it was my Mars in Sag square with his Venus in Pisces. I think he found me quite pushy, in some way.
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