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Re: Afflicted Venus and what to do?

Originally Posted by DeepTrouble View Post

I am new to this thing so please have patience to me. I am studying my birth chart. It is interesting how some of it makes sense. Especially the part about relationships.

Venus in the 7th house.
Venus is in Virgo
Venus conjunct Mars.
Venus square Moon.
Venus square Neptune.

It's rather unfortunate but it seems that nothing is going good for me in relationship direction. It is also of notice that Saturn is in the 8th house.

All this seems to be consistent with my life experience. I seem to have been suffering quite a lot in relationships and love. I very rarely find someone with whom to be and all of my relationships (which weren't so many) ended up very bad and bitter for both me and her. Despite a very fiery and passionate start and a very passionate love, in most cases, after some quite long period of time, everything fell apart. It takes me a long time to recover from these emotional breakdowns.

I seem to be severely handicapped in this area. On one hand I seem to be unable to have any success in love and on the other hand I seem to have a deep need to have this kind of success.

I really want to fix this aspect. After all, the stars should also show you some way to improve your life or else, it wouldn't be of any use to reveal it, right?

What can I do? What are some guidelines?

Thanks a lot,
We need the visual chart to suss out the aspects for ourselves.
Venus conjunct Mars even in Virgo shows that you find love and sex together and want it. It is not a bad conjunction. What you love and what you fancy are the same. But please post the chart anonymously. I agree that you have some heavy aspects with Venus but the square can be dealt with and become an asset.
The stars impel, not compel.
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