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Re: Afflicted Venus and what to do?

Originally Posted by DeepTrouble View Post
I guess you might say 2 December 2007 to 23 March 2010

Hi DeepTouble

This is interesting

transits of 2007 very quite intense I can somewhat understand why the relaitonship was intense
you had :
Pluto / jupiter conjuncting your Moon - North node sextiling your moon ---- quite intense powerful relationship
Pluto squared, Jupiter squared your Venus and mars - massive transit
Uranus trined while Neptune squared your sun (lord of 7th house_)
Neptune conjuncted your Asce along with North node conj your asce
as you can see it is very profound and deep relationship and probably the most intense relationship yet
for you

lets go back to your natal chart for a second...
your wester hemisphere with southern hemisphere are strong
Western hemisphere shows that you can and do have a natural talent mediating problem in your relationships as you "foresee" problems and maybe are able to tap into what the other person is feeling. it is also sort of showing with having very strong scorpio. At the same time Virgo is the strongest sign in your chart. You could be too analytical in relationships.
Since your Southern hemisphere is stronger than Northern very likely you can be a very social person.
I am not seeing a lot of water other than Scorpio. So highly unlikely you would understand sensitive and emotional person.
your firey desc Leo shows that you need to have excitement in your life when it comes to romance.
we also cannot ignore 5th house which rules your way of enjoying romance.
it is ruled by Cancer .. NOWever...your Moon is in saggie and is in 11th house.
Moon squaring Venus - lets look at this .. it almost feels like you have a hard time being yourself in relationships. I do not think this is self confidence problem. I thik you are just in the midsts of learning about your emotional world. I am also suspecting that you have a difficulty expressing yourself at times you think and feel one thing but it comes out with misunderstood intention.
i am also not liking the fact that Moon is soo close to square with mars even thought it is separating aspect better than approaching you might have a conflicting view on what the mate should be like. maybe you are old school. At the same time, Moon sextiles Pluto it is not as intense aspect as trine / square / conjunction but it is strong aspect to play a double edge sword with you if you are not careful.
Sun is in conjunction with Saturn - Sun being a ruler of 7th .. i would say very likely your mate has to be responsible and serious person that can not only have deep committted values but be able to be effecting communicator with you. You tend to get bored rlatively fast in relaitonships and you do not take relationships lightly due to fixed 1/7 axis.
Venus squares Neptune is ehh somewhat fatigued aspect - it can be a double edge if it is misused misinterpreted .. on one hand, it can create unrealstic expectations when it comes to a mate on the possitive side, the mate might inspire you for something greater like working for some kind of cause. Itis also interesting to note that you do have a flare of not liking to be tied down or asked constantly "where are you?" "where have you been?" and might not tolarate jelous soap opera.
I think you have very intense chart and i think you have very unconventional personality who doesnt take romance lightly. To you relationships are making you want to be and have responsible partner but when it gets too serious, you somewhat panic (i cannot think of another word to describe it) .. you want lighter but you end up getting heavily into it.

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