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Re: Poor health?

whether read the chart earlier? perhaps,

asc lord mars negating to libra 12th for foreign lands,
mars-sat opp, stress in health-employment matters,
head-intestinal-kidney-feet inflammations;
mech-entrepreneurial aptitudes;
sat debilated, social work aptitude;
observe fast sat evenings;

sat aries aspect cap 4th, supportive of
domestic comforts-property,
while may not be good for general health of mother;
mars elevated aspect cap 4th
supportive of property-real estate;

separative SNode ketu over pisces 6th,
accident prone, job separations,
pain-injury-surgery feet-intestinal etc;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers thurs evenings;

jup lord 6th for health-employment over acq 5th,
negating employment prospects,
faster recovery from health issues;
prone to heart-stomach-leg-sciatica issues;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers sat mornings;

cancer-moon 9th inimical-malefic for scorpio asc,
stress-delays in luck-edu-travels;
sun significator for health over inimical cancer,
prone to heart-lung-thigh issues;

inimical moon over acq 4th,
stress-delay in domestic comforts-property;
prone to heart-lung-leg-sciatica issues;
jup-moon acq advisory-reformist-law-justice aptitudes;
victorius amidst challenges;

mer lord 8/12 over leo 10th, career issues;
venus lord 12th too;
mer-venus literary-oratory-astro-pharma aptitudes;
prone to chronic skin-beauty issues;
jup aspect leo protective same time;

Sat-ketu coming 1.5yr transit cap 3rd opp sun cancer,
and luck-edu-father-travels under much stress;
rahu transit sun cancer 9th, foreign travels,
and toxic health issues heart-stomach-lungs etc
natal rahu 12th for foreign lands;

jup transit own sag 2nd good for family-finances-advisory roles;
trine aspect sat-aries 6th supportive of health-employment;
and trine mer-venus leo 10th
supportive of career and relationship; venus lord 7th too;

hope inputs help, share salient pointwise feedbacks
how true-untrue-insightful,

wishing well, khantaram
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