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Re: Thoughts on my mind, psychology and how I think


I think your communication is a bit private or hidden (because Mercury is in 12th house and not in an extrovert sign). So you keep things for yourself. You're able to keep some secrets. And you like to control your communication (capricorn trait).
You don't talk to say nothing in general

The way you relate with other people is emotional (Moon ruler of 7th house in 8th house). Maybe you relate more with the deepness and vulnerability of people than just their appearance and stuff like that. You use your instinct to relate or not with ppl

The way you see the world is realistic (maybe even pessimistic) with Capricorn Sun/ASC. Mercury in 12th can also make you prone to mental health issue (depression, etc), so this placement can impact the way you see things in general.

You have good abilities to learn, and I think you like that. (Jupiter ruler of 3rd is in 5th)

Uranus trine Mercury is good to have some original ideas
But Mercury square Pluto can make you more critical (or even pessimistic in a way, when you're thinking especially)
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