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Re: What are some of the worst aspects/planets in a natal chart?

I'm gonna jump on the 'there are no bad aspects or planets in signs' wagon
Even if a planet is in a sign that makes it 'weak'(opposite of exaltation) and perhaps squaring or opposing another challenging planet, that doesn't make it bad. Challenges are gifted us upon birth and we're only given what they know we can handle and what will bring us to a point of extasy... of realization, growth, transformation and light

I'd venture to say the easiest chart with the fewest hard aspects is a worse chart than one with a plethora of challenging aspects or positions

I think having any inner planet or malefic hard aspecting your MC or north node is gonna make things more challenging, but again, challenges are good. They bring that vital growth

Hard aspects to your AC ruler or MC ruler will also bring challenges to the forefront

I personally believe retrograde planets are more challenging to deal with

Mars in Scorpio is a brilliant placement btw. My mom has it so I can vouch for it. May bring some anger issues, but Mars in a fixed sign is advantageous imo. Doggedness to achieve Mars's aims
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