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Analysis: Sun Quincunx/Inconjunct Mars

Could somebody help me with this? quincunx from to . I want to fully analyze this aspect of my chart since it is very important. There just isn't a word such as "no" in my dictionary, so just because you "have to live with the quincunx" I won't give up on it. I wanna truly know if I can fix that ****** quincunx.

Anyways, the ruler of my is my , which has a quincunx with my . They're different element, polarity and modality. But they're both well placed ( in ' 2nd decan) and in in the 2nd decan. But didn't the dispositorship mean that has the ability to influence the 's energy with the matters of ? What I mean is that the dispositorship gives a good communication between
and the .

And both and are ruled by . How can there be a quincunx between the two? :/
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