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Re: Read My Chart

Seems like you may need to be making adjustments in terms of your personality, and how you express yourself to the world [Asc ruler Saturn in the 8th]; With the Sun on the cusp of Leo you are probably more identifiable as a Leo, since the Sun went into this sign right after birth and for the first 30 years of your life, however you may keep this hidden behind the mask of Capricorn. This can make you more reserved and possibly inhibited in your self-expression than would be expected from a Leo. So there is an ongoing struggle with being consistent in the way you project your personality, and this in turn can affect how others see you and respond to you. Sun in the 7th ; a focus on Socialization and relationships in life, however the square of Chiron to the Sun shows necessary healing from your past. Moon conjunct Pluto also reinforces the theme of a difficult past, and afflicted relationship with the parents [probably the mother]. As such you may hold back from expressing the more positive Leo energies. Other people may see you as being either repressed, or overly paternal [authoritarian] by nature. You may thus tend to attract Cancer individuals looking to be taken care of. That may be aggravated at this stage of your life, with Pluto transiting your first H; a period of metamorphosis.
Of significance is the opposition between Neptune/Venus in your chart; spiritual confusion and feeling disconnected from the higher powers. Are you self-deceptive, or easily deceived by others?
In matters of the heart this can indicate possible betrayals and dishonesty.
Issues of faith and trust may be problematic in relationships.
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