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Gemini Sun, Scorpio Asc, Leo moon here!

Hello everyone!

My name is Archer and I am new to this forum! I am deeply interested in astrology and other occult mystical wonders of this world and I am glad to join this forum! A little info about me: I am 20 years old and I am currently a junior at university majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Chemistry and German Language studies. For just a bit of astrology information about me: I am a Gemini Sun, Scorpio ascendant, Leo Moon, and I believe (if I have read my chart correctly) that I have a conjunction with Mars, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini as well. I also have Scorpio in my 12th house and my sun sits in either the 7th house or 8th house depending on which astro site I use for my chart reading so itís still a confusion to this day as to which house my sun is in. Nonetheless, I have attached my chart to this post as well in order to present a view of it to everyone. Itís nice to meet everyone and I look forward to learning more about astrology on this forum!

Thank you,

Archer-Natal Chart.jpg
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