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Re: Increasing moon in Libra

One sort of thing it might show...Indecision, vacillation

The Moon is "what comes and goes, ebbs and flows" and Libra is the scales, constantly seeking balance, moving up and down.

I suppose we could say that Moon [reflection, contemplation] weighs things carefully, considers both sides, and ends up with good judgment.

Now Libra is the sign of Balance. But to be balanced, Balance must needs contain Imbalance. Everything contains its opposite.

Each Moon in Libra is different, depending mostly on the aspects to Moon, the phase of the Moon, the condition of Venus, lady of Libra....

Sign rulerships are very important; they speak to the essence of our being. If you have both Moon and Ascendant in Libra, then the condition of Venus, ruler of Libra, will be a determinate factor in the life.

I have Moon in Libra. Venus is horribly afflicted in my chart. Moon rules the Cancer Asc, which is in the terms of Venus; so is Moon. You would not want to live the life I have lived. Adverse aspects to Moon exacerbate the situation, but the fact that Venus holds essential dignity in the places of both Asc and Moon and is very poorly conditioned tells the story of itself..

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