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Re: Career help

Your birth chart shows up a Capricorn Sun with a Moon in Scorpio. This blend sets up a lot of power. Ambition is tied in with tremendous drive and temperament.
In addition, this chart points out for a deep mind/point of views that can not be budged.
Emotions do not interfere with reasoning. Compromise is learned with time. ( Sun & Neptune in Mutual reception).
Uranus is the Final Dispositor of the has a triple conjunction aspect with Mercury-retrograde and Mars, the Ascendant ruler.
This stellium configuration- Uranus, Mercury, Mars – tells me you got an exceptional amount of energy. You are in love with ideas,so to speak.
Jupiter is a peregrine planet in the 9 th house. Mercury retrograde rules the 3 rd house.
With no further considerations as we are in a public forum, I would advise you to go for the writing channel and/ or dealing with technology softwares inside the Aesthetics channel.
Good Luck. Be patient.
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“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt
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