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Re: Need to know if my baby is healthy.

Originally Posted by aramul View Post
I am 3 months pregnant and after staying positive so long finally last wk I got reports saying my baby girl may be suffering from genetic disorders.

However doctors are going to test further but it is almost a month long process. everyday I am breaking down in pieces and try to keep myself positive that these tests will tell us that baby is healthy. I wanted this baby to be healthy. I waited so long to get pregnant and now this. plz take a look and help.

I'll tell you what I did during my pregnancy. I always prayed for my baby every day. If you put your hands side to side the baby will follow and communicate with you. I believe if you visualize your baby being healthy, whole, send positive vibes, this is healthiest thing you can do. Stay out of the fear. I know that's hard, but many times babies have been healed, healthy, and overcome difficulties and diagnosis.
The more you keep yourself calm, at peace inside, and stay in the higher vibration of love, the healthier both of you are.

I'm sure you can find some mom or pregnancy self-guided meditations on you tube, or listen to some calming music.

Understand nothing is written in stone, and sometimes these situations are kind of teaching us not to rely on the world, but on God or higher power, whatever your faith is. Uncertainty and the Outcome is what makes you scared and fearful, but understand when you worry about something you don't know for sure is fact or evidence, you're only dwelling on something that may or may not be true. Time will give you the answers, but love is what heals your baby!
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