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Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway

No-I am not aware of such a doctrine in the literature, and I myself do not follow such a concept. Even when the planet OF the exaltation degree is IN that exaltation degree, it is STILL disposited by the lord ("ruler") of that sign.
Example: Moon is in the 2nd degree of Taurus* and therefore in its degree of exaltation; nonetheless, the Moon is STILL DISPOSITED ("in the domicile of") Venus (lord of Taurus), and although the Moon is exalted it is not free of either the influences of the sign, Taurus, nor is it free from the ramifications of Venus (sign "ruler")

*note that the exaltation and Fall degrees must be moved back by 1 from the lists found in Traditional astrology, because of our modern sign numeration: they used signs from 1 to 30 degrees, modern sign numeration is from 0 to 29 degrees)
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