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Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway

There is a reference to this kind of orb relative to exaltation and Fall degrees found in Al-Biruni's "Book of Instruction", where Al-Biruni discusses the various practices then current regarding the issues of exaltation and Fall; one of the practices he mentions was to consider the exaltation or Fall to be the degrees of the sign leading up to and including the exact degree of the exaltation or Fall; another practice was to consider the exaltation or Fall area to extend a couple degrees before and after the exact exaltation or Fall degree: neither of these practices considered the entire sign to be the exaltation or Fall of the planet. I believe that Mr. Bevan derived his orb concept from Al-Biruni (or from sources that Al-Biruni was using in his description of the variant consideration re to exaltation and Fall)
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