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Re: Astrology (Western) Used in Norway

I'm fascinated by his choice of example of a system subject to interceptions, and he uses this a far, far northern astrologer! He also handles the complexities of far northern astrology with the calmness of someone simply listing the alphabet...he does indeed seem to have a very thorough knowledge...he references. He does however, curiously, refer to the exaltation degrees e.g. 19 degree of Aries, to have a kind of orb; any planet within two degrees of such a degree is in it's exaltation and I think he's claiming that the planet is then under the domicile of the related planet - that is the Sun in this if Mars is at degree 18, he is under the domicile of the Sun...I'm taking this to the appropriate thread! How curious, never seen that about the exaltation degrees having a kind of orb and domicile.
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