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Astrology (Western) Used in Norway

Hi guys, just found a Norwegian astrology site in English, which could give interesting insights into Placidus etc. in the far north, as well as the sources of this astrologers info. (very northern astrology) etc. I've just opened about 6 tabs of interest, I could be here a while. Some people may find this site interesting.


- he got an official letter from the Norwegian govt. recognising his contribution to the country through his astro. work and they talk about astro's contribution to

- he uses placidus for natal and regio for horary, and without a thorn in his side, covers these issues (in northern countries, comfortably)

- he's a tropical not sidereal guy

- he discusses the outer planets and "the 10th planet" etc. he doesn't sound like a tin-hat conspiracy guy though...very down-to-earth...and 'western' in his astro. thinking....

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