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Re: A Re-do on my Solar Return

I can see why you might be concerned.
Natal moon in solar eighth conjunct the solar venus telling us this might be connected to a loved one.Since 2nd house issues are highlighted we can go to the solar 2nd ruled by venus. Since there is no occupant or the ruler is in the 8th others resources, legacies, rebirth, death loss transformation and loved one is noted. Venus does rule your natal 4th and now we see it expressed in the 8th. The moon involved indicated restlessness in this area or my experience might be more emotional reactions, fluctuations. Where is the ruler of the solar 8th? It is in the 6th solar house. Does this say sickness or health? Mars does rule the MC so father? Solar neptune is on the cusp of your natal 8th house indicating dissolve of one state into another. But it rules the 7th or 9th. Venus also rules intercepted 10th natally and 9th so it might be resources by others in relation to travel and work instead of health.
Since the solar sun is in the 7th we might surmise a focus on partnerships thus others resources. The north node is quite close to your DC and there may be a relationship developing? or focus on that area again. Normally I would see mars in formation with venus if it was a relationship issue and the sextile they form is to far apart thus I would say more partnerships, possibly business partnerships as one possibility.
I would consider Uranus on the cusp of the natal 9th not eighth.
I noted SR-pluto on the cusp of you natal 6th indicating transformation of work again.
I see arguments for and against your concern for your family. Look for the "rule of three" it would have to show up in three areas. It might show three of the same themes in the chart or you might see it in progressed, solar arc and transits too. I think there is more evidence suggests some resources connected to something else like work or travel or a partner. I would love to follow this but we are going to have to wait a bit aren't we But still that is why I keep posting changes going on ..the proof is in the external .
I have had an interesting experience with jupiter retro on the asc and I see you have saturn retro in your 1st house which brings it in to focus. My experience tells me that something will go back to a former state. Since saturn rules 6th and now in solar chart 5th? we might see a return of work, responsibility maybe children? not sure what your situation is but to me now a retro planet in the 1st house tells me that something will return. I am still learning but I have found that tracking the suns transits picks up key moments. Go back to your this years solar and retrace steps of the sun and see what happened when it either aspected key planets or hit the angles and you will begin to see how things might be read. I am still learning and it is a big learning curve.
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