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A Re-do on my Solar Return

I noticed how badly I did my Solar Return before hehe, sorry about that. But I suppose it's okay. With every step we take. The higher the mountain. If the mountain weren't high, then it wouldn't be fun to climb.

I finally found the correct way to create a Natal+Solar Return chart.

Natal ASC: Leo

Solar Return ASC: Virgo

Virgo was ruler of my 2nd house. In which Virgo(Health, responsibilities) fit in nicely with the 2nd house of values and possessions and money and stuff.

Ruler of Virgo: Mercury

Mercury was in a conjunction of the Moon in my ninth house. The Ninth house is known for foreign travels. and such. But right now, the Moon is in the Aquarius Stellium, inside the 6th house.

Not to mention the fact that Solar Return Saturn conjuncts Jupiter which was in Virgo. This is further highlighted when Natal Saturn conjuncts SR Jupiter in the forementioned stellium.

So my 2nd and 6th houses are clearly highlighted in this Solar Return.

According to Starlinks article. A 2nd house/6th house activation points to job/career status. It's worth noting that I recieved an invitation to become an ambassador and I feel that it's ever crucial to accept in order to garner the knowledge to become president.

Solar Return Pluto exists in Capricorn who is the fifth house in the chart. Moon moves into Cancer in 11th house. Pluto into Cappi is a world wide transit. but with Cappi having become my fifth house in the SR Chart. And Moon in Cancer. As well as Uranus in 8th. I suppose health for my parents could be a concern?

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