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Question intense and obsessive synastry

Hi, I was looking at me and my boyfriends synastry chart to see what is causing him to be so intense about me, and i wanted to ask about our synastry and some overlays/contacts that caught my eye but cant totally figure out what they mean.

So first off, he has a natal 5H venus-pluto conjunction with both planets touching my 3H pluto. Ive read that the pluto person is supposed to be the more obsessed one but wouldn't it make sense that he is, since he has this aspect natally?

My aqua venus and uranus fall in his 8th house, which gets a bit too intense sometimes. I realize aquarius venus does not really do well with merging with their partner and losing that sense of individuality. I do like the depth and intimacy a lot however.

His jupiter and saturn both fall in my 8th as well. im not sure what they mean though.

We both have Capricorn moons, they are conjunct eachother. My moon is conjunct his DC and also weakly conjunct his sun.

His moon is conjunct my neptune and juno. i read that moon conjunct neptune is...a lot. It's not bad though right? As the Neptune person I can definitely see that he idealizes me a lot, and it can be hard to remind him that I'm flawed too but I do. It's kinda impossible to keep him from like putting me on a pedestal tbh. He has natal moon conjunct neptune in his 7h also.

Im not sure if the moon conjunct juno means anything, it seems good.
His sun, mercury, and juno all fall into my 4H. Classic 4H synastry, he is very protective and nurturing to me and wants to take care of me.

Those are just the major things im curious on if someone could expain i would def appreciate it! thanks
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