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Re: Sexual tension at work

Run! Engage in whatever fantasies you want, but go no further.

Nothing good will come of this. I've been there in your shoes, except I was the older guy, and she the younger woman, very attractive, and my boss, and very new in the position and dependent on me to get her through the rough spots. I had a colleague position, where though she was my boss, but my actions were supportive and independent, and were things that she could never be able to do.

I was very careful to never get close enough to let the woman touch me, or me her. NOTHING GOOD COULD HAVE COME OUT OF IT! ONLY SADNESS.

You don't need astrology to see this, and asking astrology about it may mean that you've already taken it too far in your mind, and are looking for ways to either justify the actions, or to bring you back from the horrible brink of sadness all around. Don't be led by your.......

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