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Custody battle, Please help.

I have a question about this chart that looks rather frightening for this 1 year old. I can see that alot is going on, but I cant quite 'predict' how it might turn out, I was wondering if anyone on here can help.

Current situation is the parents are in a custody 'battle' it looks like either the mom will be successful in keeping the child from mom, or dad will eventually have custody of the child due to some misfortune falling on mom. I'm not sure if the custody battle ends and gives this result or if something else happens

the baby was born into Sun/Ketu dasha, and will be entering Moon/Moon dasha in November. the baby was also born into Sadasati. Mom is also going through Sadasati.

I know that moon in Capricorn is in detriment, also Sun karaka from father, is in cancer

I'm trying to give the father advice on trying to get custody of the child, or if he should stop and 'wait' and see. he wants to be a father but mother is anger over the end of relationship and has not ever allowed him around.

In the childs tropical chart, Saturn, pluto and ketu are all in the 4th house capricorn, with moon in 5th house aquarius, and Sun in leo in 11th house
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