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Re: Any hope for love in my life?

Lot of love is at 24'18" Cancer, ruler moon in the 11th house with yourself/mercury but separating. So we can tell here that this has been something on your mind for a little while, Mercury also rules your 5th house of romance.

We've got mercury in Pisces, the moon in Pisces and moon getting closer to Neptune, now to me, this doesn't bode well for any kind of clear thinking as to what you want and how you are going to go about getting it. I think presently you could be inclined to be thinking prince charming is going to turn up galloping on a white horse with a rose in his mouth and will come and sweep you off your pretty little feet...but we both know it never happens like this.

The lots ruler moon is actually moving away from you, and the next aspect made will be the sextile to venus in 8 degrees, there is reception between Venus and Moon, Venus (romance) exalts moon, but Neptune is not going anywhere too soon so will also be at this degree when the aspect perfects.

To add to the murkiness of the chart, the chart is dominant water and dominant mutable, this is not grounds for any form of commitment or thinking logically.

Packed 11th house you must be already on some kind of dating site right, or contemplating it?

All in all, whatever you're doing right now to meet someone new, you're not going about it in the correct way, or your expecting way too much, or you have your idealized image of who you want to meet, but it may help for you to be more realistic.
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