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Re: Husband's chart...relocation?

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
Transits of Jupiter and Saturn are 2 of the main significators when dealing with visas, immigration and the government.

So I see mixed signals so far.

Jupiter looks very beneficial for him in upcoming he summer. It transits his 7th @ 24 Capricorn, trining his natal Sun in the 11th, ruler of his 2nd.

Sun/Jupiter trine= Advancement in life, Recognition, Success in the material sphere.The urge to climb socially and the will to expand.

Jupiter represents officials, civil servants, the judiciary

Having Jupiter trining his Sun should be beneficial for him

Tr Jupiter is also squaring his Moon, which is his homeland and his mother and family. So that could also indicate he is departing from them by moving?

Tr Saturn makes me nervous however. It is entering Aquarius, which rules his 8th.

He has a strong T-square to Saturn in Leo, from his Mercury/Chiron to Uranus opposition.

Tr Saturn will turn this opposition into a Grand Cross. That does worry me. Saturn represents Authorities, oppression, barriers.

I worry that there might be a lot of frustrating delays during this transit.

He does have a Uranus opposed Uranus at this time too. Hopefully that will deliver a sudden breakthrough to make things come together.

Uranus opposed Uranus could be something lucky, coming from out of the blue to save him from being stuck in that Grand cross.

thanks so much hun! I wonder if that delay is what we are encountering now...he was supposed to have an interview but it's getting delayed due to covid so he is very frustrated and stuck...we have another delayed date now for his interview so hopefully he can get to the interview this time without a delay. I was actually looking at his Pluto trine sun transit too...trine transits on sun i heard are good especially from transformative planets like pluto...his progressed moon would be already a couple of degrees past his uranus at the time of the interview so I'm not sure if that passing of a few degrees would mean anything as i hear that the conjunction of uranus to moon could mean relocation. thanks so much fro helping me out with the chart!! oh and his parents have passed away a while ago so that Jupiter square moon would indicate moving away from his homeland.
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