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Re: Jupiter square Saturn: Success comes in late life?


I am also the owner of this placement. But I would rather see the house where the both planets are and also the lords of the houses. Your Jupiter in the 12th house squares your Saturn in the third house. Jupiter is already the lord of the 12th house and Saturn is in Pisces ruled by Neptune as a modern ruler or Jupiter as traditional one.

I would say you have struggles to show your emotions and deeper self (12th house) and spirituality needs a little bit more practise to achieve some goals. You have a hard time communicating with others in general and communication is not your thing in fields of earning money.

Still, Jupiter is stronger here and rewards will be big. Later in life? Maybe. I would say it will come after first Saturn return. My Jupiter is in the first house, also in Sagittarius, and my Saturn in 4th also in Pisces. I have many struggles to show my real self to my family, and not long time ago, I wasn't even communicating with my family and I was hiding from them.

I wish you best of luck!
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