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Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Current job is Sun, New jo Mercury. Moon does apply to Mercury, however Mer is combust and retro. So it might be a temp job or something not quite right with the new one. Mars, your significator, changes sign into exaltation and applies to retro Saturn. So some sort of disappointment.

So there might be something new coming in about 1,5 weeks/months but there is issues there. It might be a temp jo that you are sent out on, could that be it? What job do you have?
Thankyou rafaella for your reply.. Iam a branch manager at a bank. It is very hard for me to continue in this position.. Even for my health I cann't continue with stress , fear and worry. So😑..Iam keeping my self for not quit this job coz needing of money.
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