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Re: Pluto Square Pluto Transit 6TH House Am I Going to Die?

Relax, don't live in fear in this way. Death cannot be read in the chart.
However, Saturn rules your 6th, and it is exalted in libra, trine your sun and in a wide trine to mars.
I am not qualified to write about medical issues, but this aspect will give you the energy you need to approach a solution and overcome your issues.
Most people go through a Pluto square Pluto during their lifetimes, it is an occasion for growth and transformation. Rethink, get to the bottom of problems, transform.
Mars transiting at the moment is on your natal mars, so it's agitating you a little, use that energy in a positive way.
Spring is on its way, go out for walks to relax yourself, get your thoughts in order and take positive action.
Good luck to you.
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