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Re: Why

both cap asc ambitious, hardworking, wanting to make it to the top.

sun cancer-scorpio trine the inner soul in sync, watery, sensitive, sentimental. suns wanting to move the path, but moons virgo-scorpio stuck.

both scorpio stelliums secretive, occult-research aptitudes, sentimental, suspicious.

his lords 1/7 sat-sun opp prone to conflict in relationship.

self 1/7 sat-moon conj seeking union in relationship, but separative ketu/the node conj prone to separation,
moon-sat-ketu scorpio occult aptitude.

self venus-rahu taurus 3rd creative expression, love of food-comforts, etc

both sat-venus mutual attractions craving for romance, but restricted, prone to mutual disease-health issues in relationship-marriage.

moons virgo-scorpio 3/11 inclined to friendship but unfriendly lords mer-mars, covertly supportive relationship.

virgo intellectual, critical, perfectionist, meticulous. scorpio secretive, sentimental, suspicious, etc.

moons virgo-scorpio basically not emotionally compatible the first step to begin the relationship-marriage. mere friendly inclinations,
covertly supportive/dutiful.

hope generic observations-inputs enable reflect further, pick as relevant. could share specific feedbacks in confirmity.

wishing well,

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