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the composite shows mars opposed to venus so there is definitely a emotional connection. oppositions can go either way so I assume he was sifting through his feelings for you. satrun is conjunct to venus which also can go either way.either a sense of give and devotion or a sense of restriction from the relationship. as he has contacted you, it seems he has acknowledged to himself the potential of this relationship.

mercury is square to Neptune. this is not usually a good aspect for a internet relationship as it shows that all the cards are not on the table.
this would support your feeling he is hiding his feelings but it can also mean he has misrepresented some aspect of his life.but Neptune mercury a;lso could be symbolic of the spiritual teacher you feel.

my opinion is that since the transiting node is conjunct the composite south node and the moon, he is deeply affected by your emotional and spiritual essence. so he might have taken time to really sense who you are. the node transited the composite pluto in January so this might have been when you first connected with him. pluto would indicate that there wee powerful unconscious dynamics around him. possibly a death of a friend of a relationship, but anyway it shows a deep profound mental perspective in that period.

this seems a very favorable composite especially as he has contacted you now , when the nodal axis is conjunct the composite nodal axis.

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