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Re: Does anyone else hate having Mars in Pisces?

Hello all!
I have Mars, Jupiter and Moon in pisces in the 1st house here. Mars trining Venus conjunct Pluto in scorpio in the 9th

Result: too dreamy, very hard to be assertive and get into action, falls in love passionately, jealous, finds it hard to let go. A big amount of sexual energy of which a big part has then to be devoted to higher studies (well conditioned mercury in sag in X). That scorpian conjunction provides a good deal of sexual attractiveness (according to some female friends and ex-girlfriends :P), but the little fishes just seem to water down my confidence..

Sun, Mercury, Saturn and asc. ruler Uranus in Saggitarius provide some fire, but my shyness has taken some 21 years (I'm 21) to start losing its grip (Saturn influence, conjuncting Sun)

Conclusion: I think Mars in Pisces helps to make it hard asking a girl out! Luckily that Jupiter in the 1st seems to provide some amount of luck with that issue every now and then
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