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Re: Does anyone else hate having Mars in Pisces?

I don't think this position of Mars *****!
So many times I see people fighting and pursuing something so avidly. ..and I ask: For what???

Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac and said to be composed by all the remaining signs bares me in mind, that previously or intuitively Mars has been throughout the other signs and has fought for his life, for his possessions, for his ideas, for his home, children and so on around the zodiac... till he gets to Pisces and he'll be fighting for what???
He knows already what's worth to fight for and not in the mundane world!

Ultimately, Mars deals with his spirit, self undoing, regrets, self sacrifice....all he's done and fought for is justified, he had the best of reasons! Why does it bother it's spirit? He should have given the other face when he was slaped when travelling libra and the 7th house? No he's done justice and gave a slap back! ! Why does he feel bad and powerless?

He knows that all of us have the 10 commandments
In borne with us deep down and that we don't need to be told of there existence by our parents nor religion... if everyone would follow them, there would be no need for war! Anyway this life is just a passage!
Mars here is high minded and he accepts that war and strife will never end coz people don't seem to meet their hearts when they cannot meet their minds!

Mars travelled till here knowing everything is worth fighting for...never give up fighting! Only to find out it's was all useless... but he can't help not fighting even if gained endless compassion! He's aware of the original sin and accepts his nature and other's.
One day we're going to be gone, start a new cicle again, strife again, etc... The law of karma rules the wheel and we return to inflict pain on each other's!
Learning lessons through life cicles uh? I'd call the battering and shattering of the point I refuse to watch the News!

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