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Re: How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

Actually I noticed that in my 2022 Solar Return chart that the Moon will return to her natal degree. Since I'm a Cancer ASC she's the ruler of the horoscope.

Does that indicate a "new beginning"?
If by new beginning, you mean a dramatic change from previously ongoing events, then not exactly. But I do notice that both the solar return Moon and Mercury are conjunct their natal counterparts. Now would be a good time to post this article about return charts, notably Dorotheus-style returns where planets in the revolution are treated more like transits than self-contained charts in their own right.

Notably for your moon question, here is rule 5 from the article -

5th Rule: The Natal and Return Moon are Particularly Important
The house of the return Moon is a focal area, as are return planets reaching the house occupied by the natal Moon. The Moon is particularly important for health. Overall, the idea is that the return Moon with benefic natal planets shows good things,while with malefic natal planets shows bad things. It is similar when return benefics and malefics reach the place of the natal Moon.

Dorotheus notes many miscellaneous indications for the Moon. The return Moon with natal Mercury shows work pertaining to the signification of natal Mercury. Solar return Moon in natal 1st can show health danger. The solar return Moon in natal 10th shows public events which are good or bad in accordance with influence of benefics and malefics. Return Moon in natal 7th shows success over enemies. Solar return Moon in natal 4th shows secret matters and/or success with writing a will.

Overall, these four whole sign places, also called the angles or stakes of the chart (the 1st, 10th, 7th, and 4th), give indications regarding important life matters. For instance, take one born with Pisces rising and Saturn as the out of sect malefic in the natal 10th (Sagittarius). The Moon transiting in Sagittarius in the return could be indicative of some difficult public event, and even of health problems pertaining to cold or depletion.
According to this we see how return Moon in the natal 1st is an indication for health danger. Do we see any other indications for the year that speaks to this?

The 38th year is a solar year (Planetary years for Sun is 19. 19+19 = 38). The Sun is your life-force, showing a second testimony with regard to health. Bearing in mind that the Sun in your chart is in the 12th sign, this again may be testimony to "negative health".

In the solar return, also notice that the out-of-sect malefic Mars is in a dominating square to natal 1st house. It is in the location of the return 8th house. A 3rd testimony for danger to health.

ETA: SR ascendant ruler Mercury is dominated by a square from Saturn coming from the 6th house. Saturn rules 6th in the return.

There is a more obvious focus to the year. Based on the various techniques that we've touched on so far, would you be able to spot this?

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