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Re: How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

This is getting more exciting

Marriage with a foreigner is soundly shown in your chart, with Jupiter ruling the 9th sign/house.
It sounds obvious

Two things, have you noticed anything in the relationships department starting from the end of October of this year?
Yes, I noticed. Although my relationship dept. is set in stone with very little chance for major change I noticed something which isn't very significant at the moment but maybe it will fold out in the future.

On Oct 8, 2019 my old college crush (back in Hungary) messaged me out of the blue on FB. She is facing a surprisingly similar situation with mine. She's also 35yo like me. She's married to a Japanese man and a mother of two. She is currently in an abusive relationship which she can't find a way out of since she's on spouse visa in Japan so if she files a divorce she will have to leave Japan and move back to Hungary so she will lose her children (her children are Japanese citizens). They married in 2011 but moved to Japan during the summer of 2014 so about the same time as I moved to Malaysia. My situation is similar but I don't have any children. If I run away I will lose my business and my source of income and maybe end up as a homeless in Hungary

Very similar situation and the timing strangely matches. Very odd....

I met my wife in September 2013 and we got married on Apr 26, 2014 when transit Pluto hit my descendant and transit Jupiter and progressed Venus hit my ascendant. I landed in Malaysia on Jun 25, 2014 when my Aquarius period started on Level 2.

I noticed that the LB will throw me back into the sign before these events happened. So will I go back to my Saturn Return period? Are there some things unsolved which have to be settled?
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