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Re: Updated natal chart with the right birth time this time, want to see how much cha

Originally Posted by AstroAssist View Post
But tell me how an intense sign is one of balance then?

If Scorpio is supposedly the most intense sign that cannot control the emotions it feels and Mars is a sign of balance, how is this the best mars placement? Maybe I need to do more reading on Mars signs as I really need to learn the ins and out of Mars in Scorpio, never got along with those placements so obviously bias on my end too.
Alright, I understand that we are coming from two very different frameworks as it's obvious that what I'm saying is getting lost in translation. If you're interested in finding out the actual mechanics of horoscopic astrology and the whole issue of dignities and debilities, dispensing with "modern astrology" (I think a lot of those blogs do a disservice to what actual modern-minded astrologers have to say). You can start here.

When/if you finish going through each series, you might have a better appreciation of what I'm saying in regard to Mars et al.

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