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Re: Updated natal chart with the right birth time this time, want to see how much cha

Originally Posted by AstroAssist View Post
But even the preferred domicile baffles me.

Aries SHOULD be the preferred domicile of Mars, it is the god of war FFS yet it is weaker because it isn't scheming against people its whole life? A true warrior ends the battle then and there and fights the war when there is one. A Mars in Scorpio seems like the type that would lose the battle, the war and then after it is over try to win your trust so it can scheme against you.

Maybe there is more to this that I do not know, I'll admit. But let me ask you this then, shouldn't the best sun placement be Leo then rather than Scorpio?

Because I read so much modern astrology nonsense that says Scorpio is the "strongest sun sign" but I would see it as being a detriment there.
The Mars issue is one of balance, not sheer volume of the compounding energy. Nuclear bombs are the deadliest weapon, and nuking your enemy will wipe them and their civilization out completely. Why don't armies just use nuclear bombs to win wars? Apply that same reasoning to the malefics and the signs that they are said to do better in.

Your problem is that you are putting too much weight on what you read on random modern astrology blogs who don't take the subject sufficiently seriously enough to do the homework. Anybody can set up a website these days and claim anything they want. It's the information age, and that means that you have to take a critical eye as to what you are reading as anybody has it in their power to spew any ****ery they want, without any repercussions.

There is a difference between principles and opinions. Stop listening to opinions, and start learning about the principles.
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