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Re: Updated natal chart with the right birth time this time, want to see how much cha

The issue is that with a water mars, I notice that it is more of an internal battle of emotions and constant meltdowns. Similar to how a fire mars would be the guy on the street who if pissed will punch you in the face while the water mars might be more of the kind of person who holds all the anger in until they finally burst out in the most violent of ways harming many.

My thoughts are the Capricorn would actually be the best possible placement for mars because it detaches itself from emotions and is so methodical in its approach. An Aries is more of a hothead that cools down while a Scorpio is like that social outcast in school who constantly hates on the popular and rich kids, writes things in his manifesto before one day finally snapping and we know what happens there.

To me, a Capricorn mars is like a composed war general or a strategic coach of a sports team that wins countless championships.

Both Aries and Scorpio mars give into emotions too easily and in battle, emotions get the better of you.

But hey, modern astrologers will once again come after me because I criticized their dear love child Scorpio. I am just baffled that the Romans thought this was the best Mars placement.
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