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Re: Updated natal chart with the right birth time this time, want to see how much cha

Originally Posted by AstroAssist View Post
Notice I have a Venus conjunction with ascendant but at the same time opposing saturn, what does this mean?
OK, I'll go.

Not to be snarky, but maybe there is some difficulty with social niceties such as "please" and "thank you"? I wouldn't mind being told I'm wrong -- I'm just a beginner and charts just show potentials, in my view.

The 12th house can mean isolation or even confinement, so with Saturn in your 6th house of workplace and daily routine, maybe there's something like "Venus in chains" because of your choice of workplace -- i.e., maybe in another career line you would be freer to be your full and considerate self? (but please see above re: could be wrong)

This one person is occupying a lot of your mindspace, and therefore "winning" or something even if he never takes any other action against you. Given what you have written (and assuming you are sincere) I would agree that you are the victim of abuse and suffering from the residue of that damage.

This is leftfield and completely counterintuitive, but if you have any beliefs about things being connected funny behind the scenes or a Cosmic Mind or anything like that, maybe the thing to do is to send him positive blessings and best wishes for a happier life. Maybe he has had a similar or worse upbringing, or a bad roll of the DNA dice, and he just can't help himself or doesn't know any better. This channeling of positive energy would probably be better for you as well.

In any case, wishing you well,
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