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Re: Need some opinions on my father

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

I found a great change in him physically when Mars conjunct Saturn. Things really started "happening" after that. The moon also had a lot of effect on him.

Pluto transiting the 4h - he not only transitioned eventually from this life but also moved from my brothers house to my sisters to the hospital to hospice then nursing home. SO changes in home life and where he lived was in full force this year.

My dad always helped out monetarily. (Pluto and Saturn are joined in the natal chart). That's how he showed people he cared. Sun sq Uranus at birth - And my parents separated when I was 6, due to my mothers illness and my fathers drinking.

I definitely have always been very independent (since parents separation) and I don't act like other people :P just me. Always been a bit different. My father and I had a friend like relationship unlike my siblings relationships with him. Perhaps that's the rebellion - I always told him what I thought, they never did. Maybe odd I am a lot younger than them but he always respected my opinion more.

I have been struggling on telling him how I felt about him before he died. and I did have time to do that the last few days of his life. But it was a struggle as I feel I didn't have time to tell my mom how I felt about her before she died.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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