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Re: lost my airpods please help

The same rulers both the 1st and 2nd houses, indicating the possession is still with the querent!

Search at places near a chimney, stoves, furnace room, room where machinery and tools are kept, room with locked doors or closets, places where iron or junk is stored, area where guns and ammunition are kept, under ashtrays, hat boxes, near ceilings, roofs or doorways, in rooms predominantly red in color, tool closets and a room with fireplaces.
POF is in Ta so look in a basement, room with tile floors, a lower or middle level room, storage room, a quiet room that is dimly lit with low ceilings, a dark closet, trunks, a cash box or safe place where cash is kept, storage place for furniture, music room, near a piano, safe deposit box, chest of drawers, wallet?, handbag, suit of clothes. Look for the them close to the ground or the floor. Also, be sure to look in the bag or box in which they was purchased.
Look at places where you hopes or wishes to be. A friend may have seen it or put it someplace. Look at any work area in the home. Look at guest room.

Direction: South by East
Near colour: white, sea green, silver, light blue, violet, red-orange, pale yellow
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