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Re: Want to be the best person I can be from now on

Originally Posted by Richardo View Post
Want to be the best person I can be from now on
Hello Richardo,

this sounds like you feel yourself guilty for something.

Originally Posted by Richardo View Post
I suffered major disasters in my life. Recently I lost a girlfriend on an accident. She was also the person I worked with
I feel sorry for you for the loss of your girlfriend and what you experienced - to me - you just feel still like being in a deep shock. On november 11th,2019 jupiter transited your moon as your ruler of 8th house and activated this house matters.

Your moon rules your 8th house - where experience of death in own life is to be found and also near to death experience. Moon as ruler of 8th house means moon/pluto correspondence energy - is a very intense and strong transforming energy - very often with a deep inner fear to get completely destroyed existentially and not to be accepted in own family and rejected by them.

And mostly experiencing deep transforming events very early - what your exact sun pluto square would confirm to me as well - looking like that probably already before your own birth- in prenatal phase (12th house) during pregnancy with your mother- something threatening happened- you witnessed as a tiny little baby in body unity with your mother - who perhaps had issues with your father that time.

Sun rules your midheaven and is in semisextile with your mars as ruler of your intercepted aries in 5th house - house of life energy but also house of father. Sun inconjuncts your neptune as main ruler of 5th house and your capricorn moonnode in your 2nd house. This has left a deep impression in yourself and in your body cell memory system your body can remind and react on in transits.

Saturn as ruler of your 2nd house - body house - is in aquarius in 3rd house and opposes your cancer chiron in 8th house - genetic inheritance and bloodline family and ancestors- very exact -your personal injury- and can show a lost soul and unborn child in family line.

Your uranus as ruler of your 4th house - mother and mother experience in childhood and during pregnancy is in close conj. with your capricorn lilith -the dark side of moon.

Neptune as ruler of 5th in 2nd house can show that your mother lost a child before your own birth - she longed to see reborn and get healed from in you and your own birth. And that you kinda feel an inner guilt to be alive and to have always have to earn it to be entitled to - and to feel responsible for an inner order taken over to keep an unborn sibling (saturn in 3rd house - siblings) alive as well.

Originally Posted by Richardo View Post
Which profession will bring financial and emotional stability?.
Actually transiting uranus still trines your mercury as your ruler of work and your venus as ruler of your relationships. And uranus is in his transits known getting the unexpected to happen and to turn things around by 180 degrees.

Wait until april 10th, 2020 - when his trine on mercury and venus is exact - your may see more clearly what to do in work and profession. And perhaps a person you meet during this time is of unexpected help to you in this.
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