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Re: Why have I been single for years?

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
basically there are several ways to interpret wether or when an important relationship is going to begin...other than transits you have to look at your progressed chart, your solar return charts for the upcoming years, there are others but if you incorporate these three major predictive methods and you can see from all three of them that they point to changes in your romantic life- then you can be able to make an assumption

i can just give my remarks on your upcoming transits

about your saturn-remark:

1. yes saturn over scorpio will have left you more low-key, that was what saturn has initially wanted from you- leave all you have behind and start a new chapter in life- ive been through the same and yes i am still very low key after saturn hit sagittarius...its not fun but its going to be worth it

and now...for love and blessings we turn to the great benefic jupiter and see whats up with him and what he is up to in your chart

2. jupiter in scorpio would have made a whole lot better for you either way- when jupie transits your ascendant it usually brings a lot of opportunities to you- and you usually have the energy and belief to take them during this very fortunate time! so this transit should have already brought more good fortune your way after saturn did his job

3. BUT as most of your planets are in air or fire signs- jupiter in scorpio other than trining your mercury there for a bit at the beginning and crossing your ascendant- for all your other placements it didnt do much concerning love life

4. soooo that being said, jupiter IS at the final degrees of scorpio now and he is about to jump in to his own sign of sagittarius- and while he is THERE jupiter is going to conjunct your sagittarius moon (this year before the year ends even), and after that it will sextile your natal jupiter in libra, after that it will trine your mars in leo and after that it will finally...trine your aries venus- and last but certainly by no means least jupiter will trine your mc

5. this being said- the major positive aspects of jupiter for you are yet to come- and because he will be in his own sign of sagittarius- jupiter is double as strong- so he doubles the blessings (as for when he crossed your ascendant in scorpio- while he IS strong there- its different then when he trines your venus from his own sign being in such a powerful position)

so i would say jupiter in sagittarius 2018-2019 will be THE transit for your love life as well as for practically almost everything as you have figured out already...ALSO because he is transiting your second house this also means money money- and more money means more opportunities to do things- and doing more things means you have a bigger chance of meeting someone because you are now out and about and not lowkey still cursing the day saturn went over your ascendant..

also he will be conjuncting your north node as well in the second house

hmmm by the way now that i noticed your north node..i have read somewhere it is said that when jupiter conjuncts your north node- it is possible for a potential (life)partner to come in your life- as jupiter gives love and luck and blessings and the node is your karmic jupiter joining him may give you your like- soulmate (if you believe in this if not) chances are- when jupiter joins your north node- youll meet someone and fall in

if i were you i would check my solar return for next year- as well as any progressions happening during 2019...

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this and this thorough response! And oh my gosh I can totally feel positive energy coming. I have been in a major hole since like end of High School and only recently started to crawl out of things I never thought I could get myself out of lol. So it's super cool to know Jupiter will be supporting me next year.
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