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Re: Hi everyone anyone good at aspects??!!

Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
Let me clear some air space here. Your chart has an angular Uranus-Saturn, and possibly Sun [freedom, control, centeredness]. My chart is thematical different primarily Eris[angular, possible Sun aspect]. Pluto (hard aspect to the Moon). Jupiter/Sun(so Thus we do share). I also have Saturn to a lesser extent and mercury.

Looking at your chart speak to freedom, autonomy, fantasy, and centeredness.

Mine is to authenticity, centeredness, discord, and mentality.

We share the fact that we are quest goers, we place ourselves in the center of the situation (Or are placed there by others).

You want to be free, and in control so you use drugs to reach the fantasy (that's how you get away it appears). I instead worry about stuff. I want to be myself with out others so I literaly walk away, and if my problems follow I sow chaos, in my relationships,mind, or otherwise. To try to get away [Or in accident like aftermath].

I drink and smoke and sow chaos in myself from time to time so I don't hurt or sow discord in people, or so I'm not a wreck.

Yes I am inclined to mystic stuff (existential and deep stuff outside societal norms but under the radar.).
Its the only ways i stop thinking it is a distraction and as for walking away i do that too i prefer to be alone than changing the way i am i don't like hypocrisy
i would rather die than to be like that or a lier i don't know sometimes i feel like im crazy and everyone is good and perhaps i am wrong instead of people, its cool you like also all the paranormal stuff its a whole different world i gained interest for things that have happened in my life and cannot explain its weird.
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