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Re: PLS anyone need guidance pls

English doesn't have a word for curandera. We use the Spanish word to talk about them. Curanderismo isn't at all mainstream in the U.S. or other English speaking countries, but it's not completely unknown, either, especially in areas where there's been a lot of migration from Mexico.

I am an apprentice herbalist--not mainstream at all, but not unknown, either--and one of my teachers also practices curanderismo. That's how I came to know more about it. We've learned a little about it in our classes. Some were guest taught by curanderas.

Your eighth house Capricorn sun conjunct Neptune looks very like a curandera to me. Spiritual, service oriented, and strong boundaries (Capricorn). The curanderas I've learned from placed a lot of emphasis on having the right energetic protections and boundaries.

Scorpio moon also has those spiritual, other side implications, and overall, with Gemini rising and a lot in Sagittarius, it looks like you could be a good teacher of spiritual matters. If you become a curandera, you will eventually train apprentices, so that fits very well.
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