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Re: PLS anyone need guidance pls

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
what do you mean the slow moving planet stellium will not be the same minus neptune?

i really dont understand what you are trying to say- could you try to at least specify when you are refering to who and what stellium because i dont get it

im saying- the capricorn stellium was truly unique and an anomaly- because there was a super-conjunction- and a super conjunction is when at least 3 of the 4 OUTER planets join in a sign- and that happened in our lifetime only once in the 1990s- before that it happened in 1850- it is widely considered to be a very distinctly special event.

yes, uranus just changed signs, chiron also, neptune is in pisces- yes and this is all unique for EVERY SINGLE DAY IS ALWAYS UNIQUE AND HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE- in fact, every single minute the planets change- every single minute we have the planets in a position that they have never been in before- THATS WHY EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER BEEN BORN HAS A UNIQUE CHART AND NO 2 CHARTS ARE THE SAME- so every single day you can say that this has never happened before- its not something special- its how it is and its a fact that every single second the entire sky is unique and has never been that way and will never be exactly that way- so what you are saying is true- and its true of every single day- what i am refering to is the distincly unique event that happened- that was not only unique because the planets have never been in that position- THAT HAPPENS EVERY DAY- EVERY DAY PLANETS ARE UNIQUELY IN A DIFFERENT POSITION- it wasnt the fact that it was unique- it was the fact that it was the conjunction of 3 of the slowest planets we have in 1 sign- do you understand why it is unique and different than the examples you are giving with venus and mars and even jupiter- saturn takes about 28 years to transit all the signs,uranus takes 84 years, neptune takes 164 years to transit all the signs- so in order for them to all be in one sign- i hope you understand mathematics and get how odds work- and the odds that three planets who literally move at the slowest speed ever- neptune 164 years for gods sake!- all get together in one sign is- you guessed it- a once in a lifetime experience that was very very rare.

i really feel like taking a nap after these explanations jeez
My apologies for my explanation. And yes I do understand Math. I Majored in Bio-Chemistry and Minored in Physics. I also taught algebra, trig, calculus and Statistics at Purdue University.

To keep it simple. My main point is that That Capricorns born on or a few days later of Dec 21st Had Pluto conjuncting the Earths Galactic center(Exact on Dec 28, 2017) and and THAT has not happened in 248 years. In the year 1758.. Pluto being in Capricorn on Dec 21st 2017 conjuncting the Galactic center in Sagittarius IS RARE for Wankans sake! TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT YEARS to be exact!

Rest easy I will do my best not to post after you on any of these threads. I am here to share AND receive knowledge.

Walk in beauty~Kangi'
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