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Re: PLS anyone need guidance pls

Originally Posted by Misssfortune View Post
Hi again!! first i am very VERY grateful you answered me that really at this moment i want to cry, because i fell like lost but you really helped me im sorry if o wrote like i can do the same "things" she does or "light" im sorry im try but my english is not so good im sorry for that...

But i meant she told me i could cleanse people from witchcrafts or vanish bad spirits, protection for people and the shaman woman told me that you can do this because you have several beings with you that help you with this you where born with star and light she told me and i was like oh ok... but then with other tarot readers that i went because my mom believes in tarot and witches and me since i was little i was very interested in all these.

When i was very little i used to go to a town to buy candles and in the middle of the night do spells and one time also little my shampoo floated for a moment then dropped and on another occasion that happened too with a hair gel, sometimes when i was brushing my teeth i could see shadows in the reflection passing fast behind me.

I never asked too much to them perhaps because i don't believe still that i could do what they do, then the tarot readers told me and to my mom that she didn't have to go to tarot readers because she had me that i could do the same so what you say gets me a lot because i always felt strange i thank you so much for you answer really!! i recently even check something of my numbers in numerology and im number 11 and its supposed to be a spiritual number so its weird to find these things its very pretty for me to feel like i could help someone.
you are very welcome i am glad i could give you some clarity

some quick remarks

1. you say your mother believes in tarot and witches- and that is her choice and i have respect for everyones choices, however, just because your mother believes in it- does not mean you should, i see you are from mexico, a country known for its cultural predisposition for otherworldly beliefs such as witchcraft, spells, curses and ghosts, again, i have respect for that- BUT, from a modern view i would like to say that personally, i do not think that believing in these dark matters is of help to anyone, nor is it a healthy mind-set to have, if you believe something is true, it will prove itself to you to be true, on the other side, if you dont believe something to be true- that will prove itself to be you. you get what you believe in, if you believe in shadows in mirrors and beings being with you- you will get exactly that, but if you chose not to believe in them- they wouldnt be there. believing in negative things is not something i would advise anyone to do as it has absolutely no positive effect on your life and anyone else's, you cant believe in bad things and do good things- it just doesnt work that way- in order to help yourself or anyone else for that matter, is to focus on the good, and make the good the most important, NOT on fighting and focusing on the bad, that only makes the bad stand out.

2. i hear what you are saying and i see your willingness to help other people, i understand you come from a good heart and wish to make other people's lives better- you are a good person. BUT, you at the same time say you yourself are lost, wanted to cry, are in need of guidance and so on, how on earth are you going to help anyone, if you cannot help yourself first? what makes you think you can make other people's lives better, if you cant do it for yourself? why do you think anyone would need anyones help, when that person is obviously not in a good place themselves? if you want to help someone, i would truly advise to start with yourself and only after that, even think of helping anyone else- its like the blind leading the blind. again, its really nice of you to think of others, but personally- i would not want to be helped by someone who clearly cant help themselves even. search on youtube for Abraham Hicks videos and watch them while you are going to help YOURSELf feel better.

3. you are, like myself, one of the capricorn stellium generation kids, when there were multiple planets in the sign of capricorn, this makes us an anomaly- we are extremely different then any other generation born- we are the exception to all rules and norms and standards- there is no one like us in this time alive that has such a configuration of so many heavy-weight planets in the same sign as we do and because neptune and uranus are involved, this makes us different on a scale no one can, as of right now, understand the scope of.
We have what is called, a super-conjunction, when the four slower moving planets are within 8-10 degrees of each other- saturn uranus neptune and pluto- this has happened when we were born- the last time this happened- was in 1850
and it was with pluto, saturn and uranus- we have no pluto- but we have neptune now in the mix- whilst pluto does play a very beneficial role to us as it was sextiling the planets- this means our lives will be drastically different than of those around us and we will impact this world like no other generation- right now many of us, like you and me, are going through our saturn return- our lives up to this point have been tumultuous and dramatc- but now that the lord of the stellium- saturn, who rules the sign of capricorn and is therefore the planet with all the influence- is coming back to the position of our natal saturns- many more of us,like you yourself, are beginning to have a metamorphosis and awakening to our potential- because neptune is in the mix, spirituality and enlightenment are also heavily involved in this transformation and will be a form of guidance- which is very unusual as the sign of capricorn is a-spiritual and traditionally denounces all those things- but as you already understand, we are not traditional capricorns- this is a major time in our lives and believe me when i say, you will get all the answers you need and you will start to see your life change in ways you could not have imagined- as i could not have imagined 2 years ago- i too started with numerology and looking up astrology- it will take a crazy spin after this, follow your instinct and feelings, trust your intution and i promise you- you will get all the answers handed over to you literally because you were meant to- good luck and dont worry- everything will work itself out so perfectly it will be scary to you at first.

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